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"Life Is A Song.  Love Is The Music."

UniqMe (born Hiram Bryant in Detroit, Michigan) resides in Orlando, Florida. Orlando is where he honed his craft, and love for music in the genre’s of Hip-Hop, Rock, and Electronic music. He always had a love for music growing up, whether it was dancing or rapping. At a young age, he knew Hip Hop was his calling. He was discovered by Simon Harris of ‘Music of life Records” in 1993.

Under the radar (Indie Record Label). Uniq sold over 500,000 units.   In 2010, he appeared in a group called the SBG’z under Affluent Records and released an Album called “The Code”.   UniqMe has also done sound tracks, mixed tapes, and compilation albums. In 2014, he dropped the much anticipated album “Uniqme” from Chuch House Music. The album included the socially conscious single entitled, “ Welcome to Sanford,” addressing the death of Trayvon Martin, and social issues surrounding African-Americans in America today.  In 2017, he returned with another Album featuring The Spec-illst and Joe Roc entitled, “Alt2bs (Alternative 2 Bullshit!). This album created a following abroad, especially in Russia. Lastly he dropped a hot single in 2017 called “Iron Bars,” featuring Canibus, Kool G. Rap, and Papoose. In addition to Iron Bars, he’s featured on the world-wide release of the “Sharpshooter’s single,” featuring Mozes Gunnz, K-Solo, Panama Redd, and Canibus. UniqMe’s high energy performance and great music always gives a great show. He has shared the stage with names like Ol Dirty Bastard, Redman, Wu-tang Clan, and the list goes on.

Under Music for life Records, UniqMe received his first record deal. It created a buzz that expanded overseas, and opened doors to work with some of the biggest names in the industry. In 2004, UniqMe linked up with long time friends Parrish "PMD" Smith and K-Solo and appeared on the Hit Squad, Zero Tolerance Album. UniqMe was featured on track 10, “Where We From” produced by Sam Sneed, which featured Lil Raz, and Parrish “PMD” Smith. He linked up again in 2005 with a song called “Keep it Banging”.   In 2007, he released one of his most successful projects to date under E- Klectrik Records. Using the name Uniq, the album was called “THE DEFINTION”.

Uniq - The Definition

Outside of a few successful MCs like Kanye WestSnoop Dogg and Jay-Z, the South has dominated mainstream Hip Hop music for quite some time now. The popularity of this particular style can be attributed to the club-friendly beats, infectious choruses and charismatic personalities of the rappers from this particular region of the country. On The DefinitionUniq (a rising star from the Dirty) is on a quest for greatness by bringing the often-overlooked quality of heady lyricism back to the Hip Hop table.

Written by HipHopDX.com

On this particular album, the rapper seems more than willing and eager for a taste of super stardom, providing his listeners with a healthy dose of radio-friendly club anthems and thugged-out slow jams. Nevertheless, when the MC is at his most brutally honest, he lets his East Coast roots show, making his complex lyrical style at odds with his feverish desire for success as a bonafied Southern Rap star.

When Uniq decides to tailor his NY-influenced raps to sound more like the laid-back, simplistic offerings of his down south peers, he loses his lyrical edge and the songs ultimately lose their balance. For example, “Fire” is a glaring misstep on the album, a sloppy nod to bounce that feels half-hearted and awkward. He actually begins the track with a warning, as if the MC were trying his best to convince his fans (and mostly, himself) that the song is worthy of being heard. “Back on the Block” is a track with plenty of potential but the chorus seems forgettable and unrefined, considering the rhythmic intricacies of Uniq‘s fluid verses.

Furthermore, the depth of his intense lyrical abilities is where he truly shines as a noteworthy Hip Hop artist, regardless of his Down South affiliation and the mainstream viability of his more radio-friendly songs. “For All You Do” is a sincere dedication for his mother and showcases Uniq‘s poetic ability to paint vivid pictures with honest appraisal. “Outro” is another stellar example of where the rapper really shows off his truly creative side, discussing America’s corrupt political system with earnest passion and lucid complexity rarely heard in Southern music. Other tracks worth listening to include “Play the Wall,” an uplifting anthem that that favorably showcases Uniq‘s clever wordplay and “Johnny 2 Bad”, a lyrical nod to the rapper’s Jamaican roots and unmistakable East Coast upbringing.

On The DefinitionUniq takes his stab at mainstream success with this new collection of songs. The MC combines the tried-and-true formula of club beats and thug treats along with deft lyrical wizardry most often attributed to East Coast rhyme sayers. Even though there are a few miscalculations on the album, especially when Uniq decides to forgo his unique rapping abilities for the sake of fitting in, his latest offering is more than enough evidence that this lyricist is worthy of respect and admiration – no matter where he is from and where his influence comes from. - Written by HipHopDX.com